ATG Industrial Automation

"Less doesn't mean basic" A look into ATG's design refresh for our digital world. -Erick Leon Creative Director

The Goal.

ATG industrial automation was looking to update their image without totally reinventing themselves. They needed a more reputable website due to its outdated lack of responsive design.

Our solution.

Modernize all high traffic digital touch points with potential customers. This meant making all their assets and digital points of contact web friendly and easier to update.

The result.

We created a fresh take on their old logo with a new company wide font and a more vibrant, bold blue. We implemented their new look and feel to their website and provided S.E.O and the means to track analytics and improve website performance.

Old vs. New logo

ATG has two very important assets. Their line-card which is usually printed and their website, usually the first point of contact with new clients. We created a logo which could easily be printed without hassle and still hold well online due to its flat design aesthetic. Removing the shadows and depth of their old logo proved to make the new logo feel more modern and fresh.

Old website

Their old website was created back in 2016 and was hard coded so updating the site was impossible unless you knew code. This also led to no responsive behavior from the site. The way it looks on desktop is the way it looks on mobile making a visitor have to zoom in a lot to see details.

New website

We gave ATG a new site that is able to adapt to whatever screen it's displayed on. We also removed all the shading and gradients of the original design for a more flat look to align with the modern look of their new logo. We were also able to provide great analytic tracking tools and the capability to freely edit the site without a coder.

Alt logo. Old vs. updated line-card

The last task was to update their line-card which is seen by every potential client. We gave them a design that fits in with their flat aesthetic and can easily be printed without having complicated shading and using tons of ink. We also provided an alternative logo that could be put on shirts or merch.

Melissa | President | ATG Industrial Automation

"Our last website was seriously outdated and we needed something new to impress our clients and get online leads with. Evolv gave us a design refresh alongside a new website we can confidently promote."

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