Advertising Work


BIC disposable lighter print ad advertising case study.

The Problem.

The disposable lighter market is a highly competitive place with tons of brands fighting for your two dollars. As more lighter companies are taking Zippo's approach on customizability, the designed lighters began emerging. How can a lighter manufacturer like Bic stand out from the rest?

Our solution.

Don't sell the lighter. Let's sell self expression.

The result.

We created three posters ads that try to hit a chord with the consumer. The messaging lets you know that a Bic lighter isn't just a lighter, it's your lighter. It's your passions, your interests, and your story all wrapped on a little tank that creates a flame.

Bic Lighter Research

What is the short customer journey between getting in the checkout line and spontaneously buying a new lighter?


As all the brightly colored things in the checkout line are suppose to do, the lighter must catch your attention.

Emotional bond

One could get caught looking at many designs but one will eventually catch their eye. This is because bic lighters custom designs can personally relate to their customers through nostalgia and interests.

Decision Time

As is gets closer to being time to check out, the customer must make a quick decisions. That's where we come in.

Target Market

Gender: Male, Female
Income: $10000-$35,000
Age: 18-26
Region: United states
Marital status: relationship
Education: In school
Responsibility: Dependent
Lifestyle: These are young adults who like to be themselves.They try to explore new avenues and are always trying to be one step ahead. Their at the point where they are starting to gain more independence and are now making their own decision and finding out who they really are. Becoming their own person is key to their happiness.



The young adult period is characterized by rapid physiological, sexual, cognitive, and emotional changes. Many young adults also move into new adult roles and responsibilities: They may begin higher education studies, enter the workforce, move away from home, or start a family. They may be expected to accept responsibility for themselves legally and make decisions for themselves. The young adult period as “intimacy vs. isolation”, describing it as the period when individuals often begin intimate relationships after developing a sense of identity.


Age of identity exploration: Young people are deciding who they are and what they want out of work, school and love.

Age of instability: The post-high school years are marked by repeated residence changes, as young people either go to college or live with friends or a romantic partner.

Age of self-focus: Freed of the parent- and society-directed routine of school, young people try to decide what they want to do, where they want to go and who they want to be with

Age of feeling in-between: Many emerging adults say they are taking responsibility for themselves, but still do not completely feel like an adult.


Becoming their own person is important for them. Self expression and identity are key to this stage in life. Bic lighters have designs that can express many lifestyles. Whether they're a sports head or an aspiring artist Bic has a design to show something they love. Individuality, quirks, passions and hobbies need to be at the core of the ads.

Product Benefits

When people decide to buy a Bic lighter it’s because one caught their attention. Personalized products have a way of connecting to the consumer in a way that’s intimate. Even if they don’t need a new lighter, they’re willing to buy a lighter that represents them. This gives Bic a big advantage in creating a bond between consumer and product.

Self Expression

Bic lighters can come in a wide variety of styles only rivaled by Zippo. This lets the buyer choose a design that best represents them.

Built to last

Bic lights have a reputation for being durable. They can also last a very long time.


Costing a little over $1.50 depending where you buy them, Bic lighters have cool designs without the price of a Zippo.


All models were photographed in a studio. Our goal was to have 3 very different looks. The strategy had us tell individual stories with particular lighters. It doesn't matter if you're a goth, sports head or hunter, theres still a lighter that can express what you love doing most or how you feel inside. It's about finding YOUR spark. Not someone else's. When you light that lighter you light up a little bit yourself too.

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