Deep Structure

Client project

"It needs to be a great mix of familiarity and cutting edge" - Bryan, VP of Business Development

The Goal.

Deep structure needed a brand that experts in the medical industry could easily trust and feel familiar with. One of the challenges was being able to articulate their solution that's fast and easy to understand.

Our solution.

With our Brand Appreciation Bundle we were able to give them all the brand assets they needed to hit the ground running.

The result.

- Created an a 70+ page brand style guide that will keep their brand consistent and recognizable on all marketing platforms and assets. Included logo and core identity creation.
- Design of essential  marketing material
- Produced a 1:20 marketing video explaining their A.I. Eunice
- Created a 6 page website

Marketing Video

In order to explain what Eunice and the Deep Structure app are capable of we needed to simplify the solution. The result was a 1:20 animated explainer video that introduces Eunice's power to potential prospects. The goal was to keep the video on brand to all its marketing material while keeping it engaging and cutting edge.

brand style guide

The heart and soul of every great brand. We helped Deep structure create a full comprehensive look into their brand. Everything from their history to what color combinations to use on social media are in this guide. This helped us keep everything in the project on brand and looking cohesive. This ensures that no matter who works on the Deep Structure brand, it's always going to have a level of sophistication and standards.


Website design & development

The Deep Structure website is intended for surgeons to find out how Deep Structure and Eunice can fit into their practice. By integrating the video on to their homepage we are able to capture their attention faster and for longer.

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What is Brand Equity?

Brand equity refers to a value premium that a company generates from a product with a recognizable name when compared to a generic equivalent. Companies can create brand equity for their products by making them memorable, easily recognizable, and superior in quality and reliability. Mass marketing campaigns also help to create brand equity.

When a company has positive brand equity, customers willingly pay a high price for its products, even though they could get the same thing from a competitor for less. Customers, in effect, pay a price premium to do business with a firm they know and admire. Because the company with brand equity does not incur a higher expense than its competitors to produce the product and bring it to market, the difference in price goes to their margin. The firm’s brand equity enables it to make a bigger profit on each sale.

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