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"A great brand starts and ends at each company touchpoint. "Erick Leon Creative Director

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The Client

A Production Building solutions was started in 1993 in Ann Arbor by Anita Bycraft-Walker. Through outstanding customer service, ambition, and sheer will, she grew the business from a house cleaning service to a multifaceted commercial building service provider. Their services include providing general laborers, commercial office cleanup, janitorial, and post construction clean-up.

The Pain-point.

As A Production Building Solutions continues to grow, so does their need for bigger clients. After obtaining some big ticket projects through word of mouth they wanted to start generating these types of leads online. As budgets in projects go up, so does the time between first contact and a signed contract. This means more interaction with the potential client before the date of purchase. They need a digital solution to capture and retain new, bigger leads throughout the sales journey.

Our solution.

Our focus was to improve all crucial contractor touch-points. This means redesigning assets that come in frequent contact with potential clients. In order to start generating new leads we also implemented an S.E.O. strategy that would organically improve their ranking overtime.

Our Executions.

1. A 2022 Marketing Strategy
2. A new and improved website that targets bigger contractors
3. Articles to improve domain authority and organic S.E.O.
4. Created email signatures
5. Created initial introductory deck
6. Made all touch-points measurable to track bottlenecks

Old vs. New Website

The goal was to keep the brand elements like the colors and logo the same while revamping the design to speak to high budget contractors.Due to the face pace nature of web technology their old site was heavily outdated so a new framework was used enabling us to create a truly custom website with CMS while allowing their internal marketing team to easily edit the site.

Capabilities Deck

Whenever A Production Building Solutions has a hot lead, contractor inquiry, or wants to send cold emails, the capabilities deck is a professional way to highlight what the company does best in a quick 6 slides format. With this capabilities deck every contract they interact with will have a great understanding of the brand and a set bar for the other bids.

Branding agency creating a capabilities deck

Redesigned Email Signatures

Sending emails is the most common way professionals communicate. This is why we created email signatures that help further the the brands presence and funnel their clients to their other channels.

Evolv Branding making email signature for Ann Arbor business

Article Content for S.E.O.

We developed and helped A Production Building Solutions create articles that help organic search results from the clients they want most. The topics of these articles revolved around helping contractors better understand aspects of the post construction cleaning process among other topics.

Evolv Branding Ann Arbor creating Articles for client

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A branding agency focuses more on the long term value of a corporation rather than its short term wins.
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2. Focus on decreasing churn rate & failed onboarding attempts.
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