Advertising Work


Child trafficking awareness public service announcement print ads.

The Problem.

As children grow up they meet a lot of people in their lives. Some good and some not so good. Kids have a tendency to trust and move forward with relationships after they meet someone. Who can blame them though, we teach them to not talk to strangers but a lot of child traffickers have known their victims for a while. A lot of traffickers take advantage of a child's ignorance and trust, praying on their hopes and dreams.

Our solution.

To make kids understand that there's always underlying intentions. To see things in a different perspective. The goal is not to make kids afraid of meeting people but to always question the persons intentions and whats happening in the long run.

The result.

We created three posters, one billboard, and one social media post. Through research we made something these kids (10-18) could hopefully understand. We wanted to show how there's two sides to every story and how kids should question every relationship.

Stolen Youth Research

Child traffickers gain their advantage by manipulating their targets with fake promises. They are incredibly good at seeking lonely or sad individuals that are in trouble or need help. They use this vulnerability to their advantage and create a fake friendship. During this they try to create separation from your loves ones saying phrases like “they don’t understand you” or “you’re better off without them.”

Find their Target

They will find their ideal target for whatever they plan on doing. Whether they're in sex, organ or labor trafficking they will seek a kid out.

Create a bond

They tend to promise things that are unreasonable and pull at your heartstrings. This gets the child’s emotions going and they tend to believe them.

Isolate their victim

Overtime they will create bonds. They will buy them things have conversations that seem harmless and seem like a mentor.

Target Market

Gender: Male, Female
Income: $1000-$25,000
Age: 10-18
Region: United states
Marital status: single
Education: In school
Responsibility: Dependent
They spend their time going to class and extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, or music. They are testing out personalities and friend groups. They don’t really know what they want to be quite yet but are always exploring different people and possibilities

Emotional Development

During this tumultuous time, teens look to their peers for emotional support. They begin to have more conflicts with their parents until late adolescence, when they may become closer to them again. They specifically become closer with same-sex friends as they experience many different emotions and become more independent from their parents.


Age of identity exploration: Young people are deciding who they are and what they want out of work, school and love.

Age of instability: The post-high school years are marked by repeated residence changes, as young people either go to college or live with friends or a romantic partner.

Age of self-focus: Freed of the parent- and society-directed routine of school, young people try to decide what they want to do, where they want to go and who they want to be with

Age of feeling in-between: Many emerging adults say they are taking responsibility for themselves, but still do not completely feel like an adult.


Understand what high school students are interested in and what inspires them. It’s crucial that one Immerses themselves into their world to know the best point of entry. Understand what and who matters to them.

Brand Benefits

Stolen youth provides kids with a community of people who are knowledgeable and care about their situation.

Education First

Stolen youth creates awareness and helps parents and their children understand the signs of trafficking. They also give tips on how you can get help.


Stolen youth creates ad campaigns and school programs in order to understand what kids are going through in todays world.


Stolen youth helps by giving funds to children who are in trafficking heavy locations. They help kids and families get the attention they need.


Three posters, one billboard & one social media video.

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