How to make interactive email signatures.

Business Branding | Written by Erick Leon | 07-22-2021

Why have an interactive email signature?

If a lot of your first interactions are through email you will want something that will stand out and be more professional than just a text signature.

Your emails will be taken more seriously when it's respectfully and genuinely represented by your brand.
Benefits of a well designed signature:
  • Easy to contact on all platforms
  • Lead the customer to where you want them instead of them looking you up
  • Credibility
  • Provides authority and context

How to make your own interactive email signature.

Step 1: Go to signaturehound.com

Signaturehound.com first step
  • Create a free account using the email you want the signature associated with.
  • Start a new signature and enter your business's name

Step 2: Choose a template or create your own design

  • Choose from any of the premade designs or try creating your own layout that's unique to your brand.

Step 3: Enter your business and personal details

  • Add all the necessary info you think anybody will need in order to contact you or your business.
  • Try to add any relevant social media accounts you'd like people to view.
  • Make sure your profile picture meets the upload requirements.

Step 4: Design, cta, and disclaimer.

  • Make sure to match your brand colors and aesthetics.
  • Turn off the "created with signature hound" toggle.
  • The call to action could be used for a recent article you want traffic to or a new product released.
  • The disclaimer is there for legal context. This could be useful in protecting valuable assets.

Step 5: Adding the signature to your email

  • Click on the Install signature button

  • Click the email provider you use for your business and follow the steps given by signature hound on how to install it.

Step 6: Test your signature

  • Make sure that everything is working and all the links go where they should.
  • If you have multiple employees we'd recommend having a S.O.P with the details so they can create their own while maintaining brand consistency.

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