Fix Your Logo.

Business Design | Written by Ben Schaefer | 9-11-2020

Having a good logo is an important part of a successful business, and if yours sucks then you need to fix it.

In business Terms:

A logo is a mark that helps your business achieve two things:

  1. Creates curiosity or a level of prestige that elicits trust & attracts customers so people aren't deterred away at first glance. 
  2. Be an indicator of the experience, quality and satisfaction one will receive when interacting with the product or service. 

This is why it’s important for companies to do everything they can to make sure their logo is protected and used in a way that represents the story they want to tell. 

How do you know you have a good logo?

  • It works in both B&W and in color
  • It works at a small scale & big
  • Easily identifiable

Why a logo sucks.

Logo design can look bad functionally where it doesn’t work at a small scale or in B&W, but more importantly if it doesn’t accurately represent who you are as a company then you’ll be sending the wrong message to everyone. There are also plenty of logos that do not work well within the cultures that they are present, we’ve seen this come up a lot recently with the Black Lives Matter movement pointing out illustrations or logos that are offensive to people of color.

  • It has really thin lines that can't be seen small
  • When it doesn’t work well on the products your business creates
  • Doesn’t match your companies values and isn’t culturally aware


In the examples shown you can see how having the logo of the company on products within the industry that they’re affiliated with builds trust and looks great. So we’ve provided the same CD mockup in PSD format for free so you can start building trust with your customers today!

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