Is Branding Invisible?

Business Branding | Written by Erick Leon | 08-16-2020

In Business Terms:

Let's take the romance out of the word branding for a moment here and be real.

"Branding is a way to get more people to buy more stuff, for more years, at a higher price." - Marty Neumeier

At the end of the day we must keep our companies running, employees paid, and keep delivering delight to our customers along the way. In order to do that we must have consistent and expected sources of revenue. This is where a well branded business can have a longterm advantage over their competitors. When you are able to make connections with your audience, whatever you seem to do is received optimistically. This is what's called brand loyalty.

Why Branding is invisible:

Real branding isn't seen but felt. The word branding can be cliche to some due to the fact that many people just throw it around whenever they are talking about a logo, colors, and aesthetics. Those elements are your visual identity design. They're more like indicators of where to go or whats ahead. Branding piggy backs off the identity design by giving the customer the experience. That's why social status is a big part of branding. Emotion is heavily tied to the way we want others to think about us. The manner in which you present your product, service or company can and will play a drastic role in eliciting emotions along the way. As we all know people tend to think more positively and perceive higher value when products or services present themselves alongside sophisticated materials, elegant design, and great stories.

When you look at branding through the lens of emotion you can better tailor your physical assets or "indicators" in a way that shapes the narrative you ultimately hope to achieve.

Branding and Gen Z

It's also important to understand that social responsibility plays a big role in expectations the younger your audience. Although it will vary from industry to industry it's always a good note to vocalize what your company does or the values it beholds for the community or the environment. As the world gets more and more connected the purchases and vendors people choose are more visible to others.

In short:

Branding is what someone assumes you're going to do before you do it. It's about:

  • Trust
  • Expectations
  • Assurance
  • Accountability
  • Social status
For branding and Gen Z you must also consider:
  • Social responsibility
  • Acceptance
  • Empowerment
  • Carbon footprint

Increase brand Loyalty by:

Here are some examples of things you could change that would help change the brand narrative in your customers mind. Depending on your industry these examples might not apply. It's important to understand what natural advantages come with running your business and never look past the individuals that help run your business everyday like employees.

  • Focusing on a core target market and creating a tailored experience for that individual. (Assurance)
  • Focusing on materials, location and presentation. (Social Status)
  • Solving their problem. (Trust)
  • Fast customer service (Accountability)
  • Fast delivery (Expectations)

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