DIY Branding | Written by Erick Leon | 08-15-2020

The business potential

Lighters can be used for many activities and hobbies. People even tend to grow an emotional attachment to them due to their ability to self express. A well designed lighter thats given in replacement of a business card could have huge impact on memorability and brand awareness. Notice how we wrote well designed in bold? That's because you need to make sure someone will want to take it out and not just use it, but talk about it. Even better, somebody else points it out.

Potential Ideas
  • Business cards
  • Merchandise
  • Gifts


  • Printer
  • Exacto knife/scissors
Know what kind of printer you have,

You want to know if your printer is either an inkjet printer or a laser printer. NOTE: Our printers can print to the edge of the paper. Keep in mind the margins of your printer.

Order labels/wraps online.

Go to online labels and choose the 2.83”x 2.75” sticker labels in the any finish for your printer. We chose to go with the glossy and gold foil. If your printer isn't a borderless one choose the options that gives you borders on the stickers.

Download our free Bic lighter wrap template

Download our free PDF or PSD template to start designing your lighters while your wraps are being delivered.

Applying the skin to the lighter.

Exactly 3/32nd of an inch will need to be cut from the top or bottom to perfectly fit the lighter. We used an X-acto knife and a cutting mat.

Then place the sticker perfectly on one side and smooth it out as you go along.

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