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Top 10 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023

As businesses race to adopt artificial intelligence, which tools should they use? Check out our list of the top 10 AI marketing tools for 2023!

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Digital marketers everywhere are embracing the power of AI— and with good reason. From saving time to executing smarter, effective marketing campaigns, AI-powered content marketing tools are rapidly becoming must-haves for strategists who want to stay ahead of the game and make their mark.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the marketing game, offering a plethora of amazing tools to help businesses achieve their goals. Some of the world's top brands such as Google, Amazon, and Apple have all seen the potential that AI software has to offer businesses. Whether long-established or brand-new startups, take advantage of this cutting-edge technology today and watch it gain the competitive edge it needs!

What are AI marketing tools?

Marketing AI tools are revolutionizing the way businesses strategize and anticipate their customer's needs. 80% of business and tech leaders say AI already boosts productivity. Armed with lightning-fast automation and sentiment analysis, these revolutionary platforms empower companies to make informed decisions in real-time! With this technology taking control of your strategy, you'll have a clear understanding of what buyers need before they even know it themselves.

Why use AI-Powered Tools for Marketing?

Embracing the power of Ai tools in digital marketing industry

With the rise of digital communication, consumer habits are changing faster than ever before. Everyone wants to make sure that their marketing content is relevant, valuable, and aligns with their brand. With AI technology, brands can stay ahead of their competitors by using personalized content to connect with consumers. Marketers are finding new and creative ways to reach their target audiences. Marketing efforts are no longer just push-style, but something much more organic and meaningful!

What are the top AI Marketing Tools For 2023?

Top Ai tools in digital marketing

Innovative AI marketing platforms are gaining traction in business, and giants like Amazon and Apple have already jumped on board. We've done our homework to find some of the top contenders that could help boost your revenue next year - from chatbot tools to influencer management software!

Check out this wide range of 10 cutting-edge AI programs perfect for taking your marketing strategies up a notch in 2023.


With its cutting-edge language AI technology, Grammarly's algorithm quickly checks spelling and grammar in online documents to ensure polished and professional-sounding copies. Grammarly's premium and business plans also provide added features like tone analysis, clarity checking, and style suggestions.

Jasper AI

Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 model, Jasper AI can generate human-sounding texts and tailor templates like AIDA Framework and Mini VSLs with a simple input of product names. This savvy writer has mastered a variety of tones and styles, making it super simple to craft engaging copy on any given topic. Keep in mind that while you won’t become Franz Kafka overnight with its help, your SEO ranking will get a great traffic boost.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a powerful and user-friendly AI tool to help content marketers create compelling blog posts, articles, or other copies. This AI online tool allows users to audit existing copy and analyze competing pieces with over 500 ranking metrics. Plus, it lets you optimize using Google's advanced BERT system— giving you a distinct edge in maximizing your web presence.

Seventh Sense

Get smarter about your email marketing campaigns with Seventh Sense! This platform helps you strike the perfect chord between personalization and timing, ensuring that all your emails reach their recipient immediately. Not only can digital marketers ensure their audience reads their messages at the ideal time— but it also boosts deliverability and sender scores with Hubspot and Marketo integrations.


Yotpo can help your business make smart, automated decisions based on customer reviews. Its AI-powered technology automatically reveals key topics customers are talking about and their feelings towards your products, so you stay ahead of the competition. Yotpo integrates with most leading eCommerce platforms, making it easy to analyze customer insights and optimize product offerings for success.


Headlime is an AI-powered system that uses the latest tech from OpenA, natural language processing, and machine learning to create engaging, effective landing pages. Its easy-to-use interface has over 1,700 copy templates to choose from. Additionally, it'll help edit the time on page metrics and enhance conversion rate optimization.


Harnessing the power of social media influencers is a hot trend for brands, particularly those targeting specific audiences. Influencity is an influencer marketing platform that allows you to assess potential partners, collaborate with them on campaigns without any hassle, and track performance metrics across multiple platforms.


Keep your finger on the pulse of what people are saying about you and your brand with Brand24. This AI-driven platform searches news sites, social media platforms, social media posts, blogs, and more for mentions of your brand. Brand24 also lets you assess social media marketing campaigns quickly and nip potential issues before they spiral out of control!


Zapier is the perfect tool to elevate your tech stack and bring organization to its processes. You can link thousands of systems, automate marketing efforts, and create templates quickly— all without coding! It features over 3,000 integrations at the time of writing with branching workflows dependent on the criteria you set. The AI works seamlessly behind-the-scenes turning signals into tasks at a lightning speed with no human intervention needed! is an AI-based tool that helps digital marketing teams plan smart and launch only their top-performing ads across social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram— all from a single dashboard. Plus they offer modular Google ads testing so you know which designs are delivering results in real-time!

How to Use AI in Marketing

Using Ai tools in branding, advertising and marketing

With AI tools, businesses can supercharge their marketing campaigns by automating mundane tasks and streamlining the customer experience. For example, AI chatbots provide 24/7 customer service and are always available to answer queries. Using AI tools is an effective solution that can be used in digital marketing strategies. This might include:

Establishing Goals

Don't go into your AI marketing program blindly— the key to success lies in setting clear objectives and metrics ahead of time! Look at where you might need improvements such as segmentation, then decide on tangible KPIs that will help measure how well your campaign is doing when it comes to softer goals like providing a great customer experience.

Data Quantity and Sources

AI-powered affiliate marketing platforms rely heavily on data to train themselves and supply actionable insights. Digital marketers can draw from their organization's CRM, previous campaigns’ reports, website analytics, and more first-party information.

To take it one step further, supplementing this with location or weather information can make all the difference when figuring out what contributes most toward potential customers' buying decisions!

Maintaining Data Quality

AI marketing programs need a steady stream of clean, trustworthy data to make decisions that benefit your business. Before making any major moves, be sure that your teams come together so standardized and error-free data can fuel accurate decision-making— it'll mean fewer costly mistakes down the line!

Creating an Integrated AI Content Marketing Strategy

It's no secret that the combination of AI and content marketing strategies can be a powerful one. Most importantly, 61% of marketers say AI is the most important aspect of their data strategy!

By incorporating artificial intelligence, marketers are able to tap into areas where data analysis is labor-intensive or accuracy may suffer, ultimately driving their existing methods to greater levels of success!

Skyrocket your Business in 2023 with AI-powered Marketing

Future Ai tools applied in digital marketing industry

AI tools and applications can open up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. From improved operations to expanded growth opportunities, these innovative solutions are the key to success in the upcoming year— but only if used correctly! With tailored AI and marketing automation selections based on unique business objectives, companies have all they need for their own benefit. Once you've got everything sorted out, get ready for big results with AI-powered marketing on board!

Photo of a business woman typing on a laptop keyboard

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