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STOP the spam!

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Today, so many companies only email and talk about themselves. They're constantly posting  about how amazing their service or product is and why they are the better option.

Not yours.

Your brand will teach, entertain, help, and inspire. You will represent the desired ideals and standards your customers want to be judged and associated by in consequence of doing business with you. When you truly put your customer first, you become the only option.

Voda LLC and Ann Arbor Ad Agency Evolv on a shoot



Designers are everywhere, logos are getting cheaper, Ai is starting to write articles, and it's easier than ever to access international talent. So why aren't we surrounded by beautifully crafted brands?

Three words: Consistency, commitment & context.

Evolv was built to give business owners and young entrepreneurs a fighting chance in this highly competitive digital market. We help bring out the brands our clients had always envisioned leading. We don't give you a brand, we teach you how to build one.

Evolv branding Ann Arbors business card design for ATG


test, measure, adapt.

We work alongside you to understand your target's core human desires & wants. We then help create a strategy that meaningfully positions your content to be a positive association of who they want to become, not an interruption.

Everything your company does will have numbers and metrics, giving us a lot of insight on how to pivot and get more accomplished with less.

Erick Leon

Founder | Chief Creative Officer
Brand Strategy | Media

Chiam Canda

Marketing Analyst
S.E.O. | Consumer Insights

Adela Filipov

Jr. Art Director
UX | UI | Design

Nick Giese

Full Stack Developer

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How do I get started?

1. Fill out our contact form.
2. Receive an email to schedule a phone call
3. Discuss your business, goals, challenges, and budget.
4. Receive proposal.
5. Deny, tweak, or confirm the proposal.

Are we the right agency for your business?

We work with executives, business developers, owners, and start-ups that usually already have a solid business model and now need the tools and expertise to expand their brand into the digital market. Our average projects come in around $10,000 and usually take 2-3 months to complete.

How does payment work?

50% Due on project start date.
25% Due at meeting the 75% progress point of the project.
25% Due upon receiving the final delivery.
We accept wire transfer, checks, or Paypal.