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All you need to Know about Email Signatures

Create your own email signature to build meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression on everyone you interact with online!

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Email signatures are a great way to make a good impression and leave your mark on every email you send. Not only do they provide valuable contact details, but they can also be used to share a little bit about yourself or your business. If you're not sure how to create an email signature, don't worry— it's a piece of cake!

We'll walk you through everything need to know about email signatures— from the basics of what it is to examples and even email signature generators that you can use. By the end, you'll be able to create a professional email signature that's perfect for you or your business!

What are Email Signatures?

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Email signatures are a simple way to add personality and professionalism to your email communications. They are often overlooked, but an effective email signature can help you connect with people on a more personal level and leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues. An email signature template includes your name, job title, contact details, social media links, and even a headshot.

Email signatures are generally added to the bottom of your messages, but some email clients allow you to add them to the top as well. You can also create different signatures for different Email accounts. Email signatures can be created for most email clients, and there are even some websites that will create email signatures for you.

Importance of Email Signature

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Email signatures are important for a variety of reasons. They can help build brand awareness and credibility or to promote special offers or upcoming events. Email signatures can also help recipients easily find your contact information, which can be useful if they need to get in touch with you. Additionally, email signatures can help to reduce the risk of fraud or phishing by providing a way for recipients to verify that an email is actually from you.

Why it works

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You might be wondering why you should bother with an email signature when you can just include your contact info in the body of your email. Here are a few reasons why email signatures are worth the effort:

Convey Critical Information Quickly and Easily

Email signatures typically include your name, title, contact information, links to social media profiles, or other important details that allow people to get in touch with you immediately. This makes them an invaluable tool for business professionals who need to stay connected at all times.

Build your Brand and Establish yourself as an Expert

Email signatures are a great way to share your expertise with others, and they can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This can be especially useful when you are making connections or reaching out to potential clients or partners.

Promote Products or Services

If you've got a new book coming out or a special sale going on, an email signature is a great way to let people know about it! You can also use your signature to promote other people's products or services that you endorse.

Build Relationships

By including your contact information in your signature, you're making it easy for people to get in touch with you! If you include a personal note or quote in your signature, it can help to create a connection with the people you're communicating with.

Sample Formats

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If you want to create an effective email signature that will leave a lasting impression, there are many different formatting options to choose from. Some popular formats include text-based signatures with a simple layout and design or more elaborate image-based designs that convey your personality and brand. Take a look at these sample formats ranging from three lines of text to ones that have either your photo or company logo.

The Three-liner

It is best practice to limit email signatures to three to four lines. Everything you need would be these:

Your Name

Job Title (Optional), Company Name (Linked to Website)

Phone Number

Pretty simple, right? From there, signatures vary depending on your purpose or intended recipients.

The Four-liner

This format is basically like the three-liner but maxes out the four-line limit. Also, you could opt to put social media links at the last line provided that your accounts are well-maintained.

Your Name

Job Title | Company Name

Phone Number

Website/Social Media Links

The One with The Logo

Advertisers and marketers know the importance of branding. Your email signature can be customized to fit your brand by simply adding the company logo at the last line.

Your Name | Job Title

Contact Information

Company Logo

The One with Your Photo

If you tried running an email marketing campaign before, then you would know that your email won't be the only one in your recipient's inbox. One of the best ways to both stand out and be remembered is by attaching a face to the message.

Image | Your Name

Job Title, Company Name

Phone Number | Website

Social Media Buttons

The One with a Call-to-Action

A clear call to action does wonders for blogs, ads, and even email signatures. A call-to-action can be about whatever you like: schedule an appointment, subscribe for more content, and so on. Place the call-to-action at the end of the signature.

Your Name

Job Title

Company Name | Address


Email Signature Generators

Of course, there are plenty of free resources available online; email signature generators included. Consider using one of the many online tools available for creating a professional email signature – these make it easy to design stunning email signatures that integrate with your email client without any technical skills or coding experience. We've chosen five in particular:


SignatureHound makes it easy to have an email signature. With just six easy steps, this free email signature generator gives you a custom email signature that not only makes your email stand out and look professional but also accurately represents your brand.

Use if you are the type that prefers an easy-to-follow professional email signature generator. Big teams and large companies can also greatly benefit from's ability to maintain consistent email signatures with the use of one link.


WiseStamp is the way to go if you are looking for the quickest way to generate email signatures. This free email signature generator loads various email signature templates to choose from in your compose window since it integrates with your email client.


Newoldstamp is a signature generator that provides professional email signature templates in different themes, colors, and formats. Notably, using Newoldstamp allows you to include a photo and social media buttons in your own signature.


Htmlsig keeps your email signature neat and simple. You can use this email signature generator to create multiple signatures, check their performance, and share them with your team using your account dashboard.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Professional Email Signatures

Whatever format you choose, remember that a professional, well-designed email signature is an essential part of any modern business communication. With the right email signature editor and knowledge, you can create your own signature that will help you build meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression on everyone you interact with online.

image of a laptop screen showing an email dashboard

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