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We help business executives enhance their digital marketing and build memorable brands their employees brag about and customers trust.

We are a branding, advertising and web design agency.


We help business executives navigate the ever-changing digital marketplace and design brands their employees brag about and customers trust.

We provide branding, advertising and web design solutions.

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Small business meets big data.

Executives don't need million-dollar budgets to access the latest A.I. tools, databases, and customer insights. We help you strategize, create, implement, and track all your digital marketing efforts.

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more than a color palette and logo.

What someone buys, and the businesses they interact with says a lot about them, we know this. We help business leaders design brands that their customers can confidently embrace, represent, and grow with.

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Tony | CEO | Voda LLC

"My company's brand was completely elevated."

"I have nothing but high praises to say about Erick and his team at Evolv.  From start to finish they were professional, well organized, and focused.

My company's brand was completely elevated. As a CEO I care about results and after working with Evolv the results were immediate; increased traffic, increased conversion and most importantly an increase to our ROI.  

I am already looking forward to working with the team on future projects/campaigns."

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No worries.

You already have a lot on your plate. With today's fast paced innovation, staying on top of website updates can be tough. We help your business set up an easily editable custom website framework, empowering your internal teams to quickly edit, add, and publish updates.

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Melissa ATG Profile picture
Melissa | President | ATG

"Most importantly, we have seen an increase in activity for our organization which has resulted in increased business!"

"Erick at Evolv is absolutely the best to work with. He is the consummate professional!! He cares greatly about his clients and that is evident throughout the entirety of the project.

I hired Erick a few years ago to help us build our logo and brand which was outdated. He quickly took my ideas and turned them into reality with a logo that was exciting, and encompassed our brand! Shortly thereafter, I realized that we needed an overhaul of our website. My website was outdated, hard-coded and did not match our brand. I had no clue about the technologies, how to execute, or what I even needed.

Erick was so patient as he walked me through the steps required and explained the technology along the way. We had both in person and online meetings throughout the project which was also tremendously helpful to the process. There was a lot of research required on Erick's part to help encompass our brand through the website. Most often, he worked at a break neck speed to accomplish the next round of goals. He almost always worked faster then I could respond and any delays on my project were because I just could not keep up with how fast Erick was working!! Erick is very organized and goal oriented. It helped me to stay organized and made for a seamless project.

We are ecstatic about the results of the website. Not only does the website better represent our company, it now embodies the brand that we are have been working to create. Most importantly, we have seen an increase in activity for our organization which has resulted in increased business!!

Since our project closed, Erick has followed up with multiple in person meetings to make sure we are meeting the goals and expectations that we set for the project. He would review our analytics and discuss feedback that we have received from customers since the implementation of the website. Minor adjustments have been made and he has really gone the extra distance to make sure that we were satisfied with the project.

Thank you Erick for your care, hard-work, talent and dedication to our project! I cannot wait to work with you again in the very near future."

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We work with executives, business developers, owners, and start-ups that usually already have a solid business model and now need the tools and expertise to expand their brand into the digital market. Our average projects come in around $10,000 and usually take 2-3 months to complete.

How does payment work?

50% Due on project start date.
25% Due at meeting the 75% progress point of the project.
25% Due upon receiving the final delivery.
We accept wire transfer, checks, or Paypal.