Orbit gum print ads

The Problem.

How do we convince people to get into, or switch to chewing Orbit gum.

Our solution.

Associate orbit gum as another tool to make sure you're ready for those big life moment. That Orbit is the only gum that's going to protect your smile everyday. Communicate that Orbit gum keeps your smile looking white after you're done chewing.

The result.

We created one poster and one magazine spread. We were able to communicate that Orbit gum is an essential product you need in your back pocket for those special occasions. With a clear target market in mind we were able to captivate and relate to their wants and interests.

poster for orbit ad oral


Cognitive Development: They are the first generation to grow up digesting and assimilating mass quantities of information at a time. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your content captures millennial’s attention and then keeps it.Millennials spend more time browsing the internet for products than actually purchasing them. This means that businesses need to nurture these browsers so that they will buy the products that they love to look at.

Moral Development: Millennials unfortunately don’t trust a brand’s message. When deciding what to purchase, this demographic seeks opinions of friends, family members, or even strangers before making purchasing decisions. It’s important to rebuild trust with relevant content and user-generated content. This generation wants to know everything and with no arising surprises that could deter these planners from their paths.

Emotional Development: They believe they can change the world in a pseudo-optimist/ realist kind of way. Millennials are pragmatic in supporting causes, and will give their all to whatever that may be. Does your company have a website? Great. An app? Even better. We are all surrounded by technology and millennials spend 5-10 hours a day consuming copious amount of online content. So creating a brand experience within this digital world with relevant content is the first step in captivating this generation.

Product Benefits

Advantage: According to Forbes.com, about 70 percent of the demographic “favor cool experiences over great products.” When it comes to pursuing the purchasing power of this tech-savvy target age, the data suggest marketers should emphasize the company’s values and “experiences” that make them “feel important.”

illustration of a personified teeth

Promotes healthy teeth

Orbit has Xylitol which helps prevent tooth decay and yellowing of teeth.

ADA logo

ADA seal of acceptance

ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' Acceptance of Orbit Sugar free Gum is based on its finding that the physical action of chewing Orbit Sugar free Gum for 20 minutes after eating, stimulates saliva flow, which helps to prevent cavities by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth.

photo of dancing newly engaged couple

Provides assurance

You have fresh breath. You chew at least one piece everyday on top of brushing your teeth so you know your teeth are going to be white. It's not about flavors anymore, it's about needing to think about one less thing a day. You're always ready.


photo of orbit ad birth control tooth stainsmock up poster of a condom

We realized that the true benefit of gum was to avoid being embarrassed or be seen as unattractive, particularly by those in power or those we want to attract. We also learned that orbits gum can help keep your teeth white if you chew one piece a day for at least 20 minutes. People go out of their way to take care of their bodies in order to look and feel more attractive. When we associate orbits ability to keep your smile white, we associate their ability to be that much more attractive. The spin we put on the ads particularly for our target audience was to associate Orbit gum with wanting to make a move on someone they like or seizing the opportunity for let's say, a romantic kiss. It's about associating whats already been drilled in their heads. It's about having a condom, if you don't want STD's. It's about being on birth control, if you don't want an unexpected pregnancy. It's about having orbit gum, if you don't want your moment to be ruined.

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3. Focus on increasing profit margin through higher more affluent customers.
Marketing agencies will:
1. Focus on getting generic fast leads across multiple channels.
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3. Focus on generating and publishing fast and scheduled posts.

Who needs a branding agency?

A branding agency can be valuable to any individual or organization looking to establish, enhance, or evolve its brand. This can include startups, small businesses, established companies, non-profit organizations, personal brands, and more. If you want to create a strong brand identity, increase brand awareness, and stand out from the competition, Evolv can provide the expertise and resources needed to achieve those goals.

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