DMT Automation Tooling

Our collaboration with DMT Automation Tooling involved creating a compelling brand identity and a comprehensive suite of marketing materials.

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The Problem

The challenge lay in crafting a distinctive brand presence in a specialized market inundated with generic competitors, requiring a unique and memorable solution.

The Results

Through exhaustive research and innovative design, we devised a robust brand strategy, captivating website, and a full range of branded assets, establishing a strong and distinctive market presence.

Full Scope of Deliverables

Our deliverables included a brand style guide, captivating website, eye-catching business cards, distinctive letterhead, and customized graph paper, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand experience across all touchpoints.

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Our meticulously designed website serves as the digital cornerstone of our client's brand, offering a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and engaging content that showcases their expertise in the automation tooling industry.

Brand Style Guide

Our comprehensive brand style guide provides clear guidelines on logo usage, color palettes, typography, and tone of voice, ensuring consistent and cohesive brand representation across all media, reinforcing brand integrity.

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Graph Paper

Customized graph paper with the client's branding elements serves as a tangible representation of their commitment to precision and attention to detail, reinforcing their image as industry leaders in automation tooling.

Business Card

Our eye-catching business cards are a memorable introduction to our client's brand, featuring a striking design and essential contact information, leaving a lasting impression on potential partners and clients.

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DO you really need A branding Agency?

What is the difference between a marketing and branding agency?

A branding agency focuses more on the long term value of a corporation rather than its short term wins.
Branding agencies will:
1. Focus on increasing the value of your customer experience through carefully designed aesthetics, materials, imagery, & messaging.
2. Focus on decreasing churn rate & failed onboarding attempts.
3. Focus on increasing profit margin through higher more affluent customers.
Marketing agencies will:
1. Focus on getting generic fast leads across multiple channels.
2. Focusing more on the quantity of posts and capturing the masses attention.
3. Focus on generating and publishing fast and scheduled posts.

Who needs a branding agency?

A branding agency can be valuable to any individual or organization looking to establish, enhance, or evolve its brand. This can include startups, small businesses, established companies, non-profit organizations, personal brands, and more. If you want to create a strong brand identity, increase brand awareness, and stand out from the competition, Evolv can provide the expertise and resources needed to achieve those goals.

Reasons to hire us as your branding agency.

1. You don't want to worry about micro managing a designer, let alone a design department.
2. You find branding fascinating and want us to teach you and build your skills along the way.
3. You dislike lots of short meetings and prefer longer ones, 2-3 times a month.
4. You like clear cut project rates.
5. You're skeptical about traditional marketing because you've been burned in the past.

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We work with executives, business developers, owners, and start-ups that usually already have a solid business model and now need the tools and assets to expand their market to clients who are willing to pay a premium for a certain standard they've come to love. Our Brand Appreciation Bundle takes 3 months to complete.

How does payment work?

Payments can be broken up in many ways. Here's the most typical we see.
50% Due on project start date.
25% Due at meeting the 75% progress point of the project.
25% Due upon receiving the final delivery.
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